A CSS builder. You edit the CSS and HTML on the left, and a view of your webpage is updated in realtime on the right. This would have been extremely handy for me last semester when I was in CS 103!
This page has links to a bunch of pretty stylish, free flash-based photo galleries you can embed into your website to display photos.
This is designed with Flash and way beyond my Web design skill set. But I think this site offers a creative way to put photos in one shape and not have to crop. Enjoy!
A list of last-minute things you should check your website for. These tips will make your site more polished and professional-looking. The number one tip? Add a favicon.
Gives great tips on designing your webpage. Reaffirms tips and lessons given in class.
This website allows you to create your own background pattern. If you want some thing a bit more than just a plain color background than you can create a tile with your specified pattern and colors. This Can add an interesting look to you website. Your can also view designs that others have made.
Good article listing some great plugins for Firefox
Browsershots makes screenshots of your web design in different browsers, and shows you what your page would look like in each.
Da Font has a lot of really interesting fonts. They may not work as well for actual font on your site, but the Dingbat fonts are a great resource for images. Just download a font, type something into a Photoshop doc, then save the image! Most of them are totally open-source.
Creating a lightbox effect without needing to download or deal with javascript code.
The mother of my friend writes a blog about kitchen and bath design. She demonstrates terrific use of simple design, typography, and color palettes
This site is like html dog, but it has ideas to make your site more appealing and professional. You can use this site to create multiple options with your pictures, use drop down menus, professional style navigation, tips on using templates and much more on taking your site from amateur to professional. Try the site out right now and see what you can do to your site.
For those of you who are using Wordpress to design their website.
An interesting image concisely depicting the differences between the two largest political standpoints. This is relevant to web building because it can assist you in creating a website that appeals to a wider demographic. If you cater to both types of people, you can bring more traffic to your site.
If you guys are having trouble with your windows computers working with the slow software to build sites consider this article about downloading the new WINDOWS 7!
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