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Ways to Start Web Building


Cheap ($6/month)

Google Sites
Blogger, etc.
1. Buy a domain name ($10/year)
2. Buy Web hosting ($5/month)
3. Auto-install Wordpress (free)

Make the Most of the Web

Webwhompers helps you make the most of the Web. Here are a few ways that can happen:

  • You didn't know the "Ways to Start Web Building" listed above. One of those may be all you need.
  • You think: "People say it's easy to start Web building, but it's hard!" Webwhompers can help you find answers.
  • You want to get under the hood of your Web site and do your own tune-ups, without being limited by what Google Sites or your hired programmer can do for you.
  • You want to learn more about what happens when people use the Web. How does Google rank search results? How does iTunes recommend songs? How does Twitter spread information? This is Web Science.
Gallery of Student Projects
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