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How to add Video to your website

November 15th, 2009 Comments off

Videos are a great way to liven up your website and attract more traffic–they present information in an interesting way and break up text-heavy content! I have found that uploading videos first onto youtube and then embedding them into the html of my web page is the easiest way.

Here’s a guide on how to upload and post videos on your website via youtube:

Part 1: How to upload a video to youtube

1. Create an account on youtube.

2. Click “Upload” on the homepage and enter a title, description, and tags for your video.

3. Select a category and click “Browse” to upload your video.

4. Select your video file and click “Upload Video.”

Part 2: How to embed a youtube video into your website

Note: Here, embedding is the action of inserting a youtube video into your website through html code.

1. Find your video on youtube.

2. Locate the “embed” section to the right of the video–it is below the description and the “url” section.

3. Below the “embed” section are three options: “Include related videos,” “Show Border,” and “Enable privacy-enhanced mode.” Click the box for each of the settings you want.

Note: Youtube uses “cookies”–pieces of information about the web user stored on the user’s computer and sent back to youtube–to gather user data. The privacy-enhanced mode setting allows web builders to restrict youtube’s use of cookies to users that playback the videos, rather than users who visit without watching the youtube videos.

4. Select and copy the text of the “embed” section.

5. Paste the text into the html of your web page in the location you would like the video to appear.

*Visit for a visual of this process and an example of the html text.

And, you’re done!

Adding videos to your website is pretty easy–and it improves your website.

Here’s a link on how to create and upload optimal videos to youtube:

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