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Taking it one Step at a Time – Building the Design of your Web Site

March 28th, 2010 Comments off

While my site is not yet complete, just getting to the point it is now a great ordeal. Building a web site is not easy. Sure, most of it may be made up of code — code that you could learn over time and adapt to. However, in order to build a site that truly functions, one has to look past that.

First off, the web builder must design a site that can clearly get across what he or she is trying to convey. In my case, I decided to go for simplicity. There is one basic color palette across the entire web site that I found to be easy on the eyes. Also, every page (once all are complete) will have the exact same design. Therefore, when a user visits my site, he or she will know exactly where to go to find what they are looking for.

A site should reflect its content. If you plan on using a CSS template as I did, find one that suites your website. There are thousands upon thousands of templates out there; I guarantee that you will find one that fits what you are looking for.

Getting to this point in the web building process isn’t easy. It requires a lot of deep thinking about your web site as a whole. After you get to this point, all it is about is filling in the empty spaces. In reality, creating the design of the web site is my far the most difficult part of it all. As a lesson, one that I have learned well, don’t rush the design-making process in building your web site. If you do, then all of the content that you want to show off the world will become null.