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Resizing images for web based use.

April 22nd, 2010 Comments off

In the course of designing my photography website, I had to deal with alot of photographs that I had taken over the years. These files were of all different sizes, formats, and locations. I run Macintosh and I had not been using iPhoto for organization. So I needed simple program to process all of my photos into one size and format to then be uploaded to my website, where I’ve chosen “simpleviewer” to display them.

After googling “image resizer”, the results all offered “online services” (aka pain in the a-55 try to get you to pay for stuff websites). Most of them were complicated and slow. Then I found “Image Resizer”, developed by John Wordsworth. It’s a 1mb mac-compatible program available for free on Apple’s website: . This program offers all that you need in the simplest package. For those of you dealing with image files that may be large or not properly formatted, I highly recommend this program. You can choose to manage pixels in height/width, output folder, naming system, and formatting. You can also drag many files at once to be processed consecutively. Though I don’t know if this program is available for Windows, I’m sure there’s much more offering out there in this department. I hope this post is helpful!

On a lighter note, I found an interesting/scary article on “Cybernukes” (aka the potential end of the internet as we know it). Enjoy!