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Please don’t bore your audience!

November 21st, 2009

When creating a website you want it to be the best it can be right? Of course you do! Well, to start off you would want to ask what is the point of my site? Why am I doing this? The answer of course comes many ways but the optimal one is for people to see it. You want popularity, maybe making up for the lack of it in high school, but nonetheless you want people to see your work. You want to be proud of your crazily amazing skills and you want to flash them off to millions and billions of people (okay, so at least one other person realistically). So, in order to do this you must: try not to bore your audience to death! If they wanted to blandly look at your work then you should write a 30 page academic essay instead. This is your webpage so use that freedom!

Some interesting and possibly key tips are to:

-use pictures! not everything is aesthetically pleasing in words

-use complimentary colors

-do not use too many bizarre and neon colors- you are not trying to blind your audience

-use fonts that humans can read- none of this super small, ‘I need a magnifying glass’ type print, plus you may want to leave cursive style out for the most part

-and on the contrary try not to use obsessively large print- you do want more on your page than just 2 or 3 words

-use your brain- this means that you want your viewer to feel they learned something and not say to themselves “wow why did I just waste my time reading all of this?”

-lastly, HAVE FUN- this is not a medieval torture chamber! you need to be able to like what you’re doing in order to like what you created

Good Luck, and remember your audiences, you don’t want them to have to pack pillows and blankets!

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