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A thing or two about GIMP

March 31st, 2010

Handy Tweaks To Make GIMP Replace Photoshop:

GIMP is the favorite graphics editing program of many designers and graphic artists. It is free and compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux (the two big reasons for its popularity). It has a wide array of features, as well as plug-ins, filters and brushes. Documentation is primarily available in online communities, as well as through extensive add-ons.”

I took some photography courses in high school that I absolutely loved. Photography has been one of my favorite hobbies since. In digital photography course that I took in high school, we used Photoshop to edit the images. I found Photoshop interesting and fun to play with. Now that I’m in college, I haven’t had much time to take a photography class or to even just continue it as a hobby. But out of the pictures I do manage to take here and there, I’m always thinking of ways to edit them but I don’t have the money to buy Photoshop, especially because all my money has gone to tuition alone. Luckily, I recently discovered GIMP which is a free photo editor that works a lot like Photoshop but is not as complex. It is missing a few things, but then again, it continues to be upgraded, as most things do. I found this article on Smashing Magazine, however, that tells you how to add certain elements to GIMP that will make it even more similar to Photoshop. I think GIMP is especially handy with building websites because sometimes you can’t find the perfect picture online to use in a web site so it is definitely a plus to have the option of creating your own perfect picture. It’s also handy for everyday uses like editing a picture that you want to print out and frame for someone. It makes it pictures look more professional. It’s also just fun to play around with. Sometimes that’s the best way to learn about a program. I know that I’ve learned a few things that way. Although I don’t have my edited GIMP image on my laptop, I did a pretty impressive job (for a beginner) of merging two pictures into looking like it was one single picture that was taken. I have yet to add any of the elements from the article but thought it would be a good article to post. So take a look! And if you are interested in downloading GIMP for free, click on this: GIMP .

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